The Romantics


Η παρέα των εφτά φίλων, των ρομαντικών. Μία μέρα σε ένα μονάχα σκηνικό. Μία ταινία μιάμισης ώρας με σεξπιρικούς διαλόγους.

«The Romantics weren’t writing about love, they were writing about religion.»
«Then I’m not sure I know the difference.»
«Everybody can make a big romantic gesture, all right? The question is what happens after. Do you remember? Do you remember what you said to me that night?»
«Yeah, I remember everything.»
«What did you say?»
«I said it was the perfect night. So?»
«So? How do I top that? The problem is that every time we had one of those perfect nights I would wake up the next morning in a freaking panic. So why don’t we just spare each other from a mundane life of crashing disappointment and just do it with somebody else.»
«This is the weakest excuse I have ever heard.»
«You inspired me.»
«You inspired me too. We were supposed to be together.»
«I know.»



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